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14 February 2022
Store information

We have added a new page called Store Info. Now you can view which webhooks are active on your store and activate any disabled webhooks.

08 February 2022
Native Signup

We have improved the signup flow drastically with today’s update. Now you can signup for the free trial without leaving woozocrm.com and immediately start using the platform. In addition to this, we have fixed some important bugs related to saving settings.

21 January 2022
Order Status Mapping

It’s finally here. Now you can map the Zoho Order Status with the WooCommerce Order Status. Available for Connect (or higher) users starting today.

07 January 2022
Mobile Support

All pages, buttons and elements are now fully optimized for mobile devices like iOS and Android.

31 December 2021
Dark Mode Support

Introducing automating dark mode detection for all modern browsers.

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